Lead the leaders.

You have been there and done that. As part of a select group of bold individuals who have achieved credibility through first-hand experience, you are able to champion the growth of leaders. It’s an opportunity to give back while continuing to earn a competitive living. Your unique perspective will add to the TEC experience. By leveraging your business accomplishments and commitment to strong principles, you will be able to help your groups achieve more.

Become a Chair

TEC Chairs motivate the motivators. Using our proven methods you will learn to ask the right questions, raise your emotional quotient and hone your ability to challenge and inspire your group members.


Facilitate meetings and hold members accountable

Mentor and guide others to achieve their goals

Help members create action plans to tackle issues

Meet one-to-one with members to identify challenges & opportunities

Do what you love and get paid

You have experience that places you in an enviable position to help business leaders in your community face challenges you’ve already mastered. As a respected community business leader with a proven track record, you are ready to advise, lead and help others build successful, impactful businesses.

Becoming an executive level coach is a great way to bridge the gap between giving and receiving. At TEC we refer to these experts as Chairs. Leverage your business experience to launch a TEC Canada Chair Practice, it’s both meaningful and financially rewarding work.

Life as a Chair:

Meeting of the minds

Facilitating day-long meetings with business leaders is no easy task. As a Chair you are in charge of keeping the group on track, questioning decisions, challenging thoughts, offering perspective and mediating opposing viewpoints.

One-to-One Coaching

This time is dedicated to individual member success accountability and delving deeper into key issues. It’s like a boot camp training session and business therapy rolled into one. This is where members report in on their progress and talk through next steps to get past hurdles standing in their way to success. This job involves perspective sharing, pushing, challenging, motivating and the ability to provide resource connections.

Art of Chairing

Chairing is a combination of listening and coaching, and a blend of pushing and waiting. You’ll be the connecting point for your group of strong personalities, which creates unique opportunities for you to master arbitration and ensure everyone contributes. As a Chair you need confidence, patience, assertiveness and compassion.

Perpetual learning

To remain an effective Chair you will need to continually invest in your skills. Some of the ways we help you do this include: quarterly Chair development training, conferences, industry events, Chair mentoring programs and our global Chair conference.


Our Chairs are highly motivated individuals. TEC Chairs drive business development, network to find prospects and connect members to the right people to aid their success. It’s your job to cultivate the best culture and group dynamic. Most of our Chairs have more than one group and do this full-time. They’ve got endurance.

Plan the learning

You’re the team lead and you’re in charge of selecting what speakers best suit the needs of your group. Don’t worry, we’ve pre-filtered thousands so you have hundreds to choose from. Consider what your group needs to learn and find a speaker that will deliver the kind of workshops that will benefit your group. This planning thing will almost take care of itself; you simply have to identify the relevant content for your meetings.

Are you Chair material?

We seek passionate leaders with strong business acumen, experience and business development interests. Leaders come to TEC because they want to make a difference. They want to have an impact on today’s businesses and the economy. They want to drive innovation, take risks and push limits. TEC Chairs are difference makers.

Chair qualifications:

Business development expertise

Experience as president, principal, founder or owner

Passion for learning and personal growth

Ability to connect and desire to help others

Meet Our Chairs

We have the best Chairs. They’re passionate individuals with impressive resumes. It’s an honour to have such a great roster of coaches to provide to our members.





Now that you have a better idea of what it takes to be a Chair, it’s time to put your thoughts into action and apply. Seriously though, if you’re still reading this you’re ready to take the next step. Join us today.