CEO, President, Owner.

TEC Chief Executive is designed for presidents and leaders of large enterprises with a vision and drive for developing sustainable businesses in our global economy. This group will help you champion innovation and collaboration within your organization while strengthening your leadership abilities.



Wake your business up

We start with “good morning” and move on from there. The first 30 minutes is an informal opportunity to reconnect with the rest of your peer advisory group and share stories before getting down to business. It makes the rest of the day a lot more relaxed and warms people up to participate in the speaker seminar.

Meet the team:

Cut to the chase

This is our official checkpoint to see who’s sitting around the table. Everyone knows everyone else so this isn’t about names or business types. This is about getting a temperature reading on the mood in the room. Each member rates their health, happiness and stress level for the group. It’s an overview of struggles and wins so everyone is in a better position to provide support.


Challenge your thinking

Challenging thought leadership is our specialty. One of our favourite tactics is using speakers. We bring in highly sought after experts to present to a single group of 16 members. This gives our members the advantage of interacting with idea-generators on a very personal level. This calibre of speaker generally presents to large auditoriums of people, but our members get hours of their undivided attention.


Feed your mind

With so many incredible people at the table there isn’t enough time for every topic to be discussed. Lunchtime is the perfect time to digest content and follow up with questions there wasn’t time to ask. Go ahead and share your personal achievement and talk about your marathon training, this block of time is flexible.

Issue Processing:

Solve problems faster

Your peer advisory team is there to help you work through the things that keep you up at night. They’ll ask a lot of questions to get to the root of what’s really in the way of progress, and then they’ll offer suggestions to consider. Be warned, your group will hold you accountable and inquire about what actions you took to resolve things. Nobody gets off easy and that’s why you’re here.

One-to-One Coaching:

Dig deeper

Nothing beats a one-on-one exchange with a trusted mentor. This is where you’ll focus on what’s holding you back and work through the intricacies of planning and implementing the big ideas. You’ll also be held accountable to your goals, so be ready to go after them full force.

Between Meetings:

Team regroup

One meeting per month is a great place to start, but you may want additional support throughout the weeks to accomplish your goals. This can take the form of meeting with other individual members or a multi-tiered smaller group get togethers. Touch points in between meetings help us all stay on track.

Access granted

Every TEC membership includes access to our network of over 22,000 business leaders across the globe, as well as our exclusive digital learning resources. Members can reach out to specific groups with questions, seek help from a similar industry on another continent and start a chat about a new business idea. Best practice toolkits, white papers and a unique online video platform help members research strategy and learn from the past. We call this portal My TEC because you can personalize it to your needs.




The only thing standing in your way to better results is filling out this short form. Request an invitation to explore joining us.