15 Minds are Better Than One

By: TEC Canada

Feb 7, 2017

Wendy Going is a second generation owner and Managing Partner of Timber Tech Truss, which has been providing Southern Alberta with the highest quality of engineered roof and floor systems for residential, commercial and agricultural applications for over thirty years. Since 2006 Wendy has guided this trusted construction firm to new heights, through boom times and bad. In 2016, Wendy and Timber Tech Truss were named finalists in the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards™.

Wendy was born into an entrepreneurial family, and grew up in the construction industry, helping to build her parents’ business from the time she was a teenager. She attended university, but was drawn back into the business by her desire to be a design technician, a skill that continues to be learned entirely on the job. Through strong mentorship and hard work, she mastered the skill, and went on to run her own consultancy, providing design services to the construction industry.

In 2006, Wendy was invited by her father to start her own division of Timber Tech Truss in Calgary, a challenge she happily accepted. She went on to design and build the offices and facility, and grow the division organically, leveraging the crash of 2008 to gain market share and forge new industry partnerships.

Upon being selected for the Ivey School’s QuantumShift™ program for leadership and peer networking, an honour offered to a select group across Canada, Wendy was introduced to the benefits of peer mentorship. Shortly thereafter she found a TEC group and knew immediately that the TEC experience was what she needed to step out of her comfort zone and challenge herself to be a better leader. When asked how the diversity of a TEC group has helped her she responds: “It’s about perspective and perception. Regardless of the size of your organization, you have similar challenges, personal and professional. You come into a meeting with an issue and you know how you would handle it without TEC, but when you leave the meeting you have the perspectives of 15 different leaders – it’s extremely valuable.”

Wendy credits her TEC experience with her decision to re-think Timber Tech Truss product and service offerings. “Owners have a difficult time deviating from business plans that have provided a track record of success. I had refused to offer anything other than a high-end product.” Discussions with TEC members about their own experiences challenged Wendy on her vision for future success; she was convinced to deviate from what she thought was expected by her customer base. Through alternative product offerings, Timber Tech Truss continues to provide cost savings to their existing customers and is increasing market share for her Calgary team.

Wendy is proud to be carrying on her family’s legacy and leading the team that is the backbone of a successful company. As a leader who embraces integrity, commitment, community and long-standing relationships, she shares the values of TEC Canada. She continues to incorporate TEC processes into her own organization, another decision which continues to pay off for this dynamic, forward-thinking leader.


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