Blending Art and Science in Business

By: TEC Canada

Jul 8, 2016

Jason Flick, co-founder of Flick Software and You.i TV, always knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur. Prior to venturing out on his own, Flick worked at five different companies where he was inspired and mentored by leaders of the organizations. Driven by his passion for technology, in 2000 he formed Flick Software, a service based mobile solutions and products venture that creates industrial technology for clients such as Intel and Rogers Wireless. “I was passionate about technology on the go, so when mobile technology took off, it was a dream come true,” says Flick.

Starting your own business is like a rollercoaster ride. Being an optimist is critical to being an entrepreneur.
- Jason Flick

Five years after successfully launching Flick Software, he founded You.i TV, a product company created to capitalize on the mass disruption that the iPhone created which he felt required a new team, new technology and a different approach. You.i TV's product now enables some of the biggest companies in the world to consistently represent their unique brand through user-interfaces that truly excite customers. The company has enjoyed incredible success, recognized on the 2013 Profit Hot 50 list as one of Canada’s top new growth companies, ranking 75th on the 2014 Profit500 list of Canada’s Fastest- Growing Companies and mentioned on the Branham300 2014 Next 50 Canadian ICT Companies.

Great leaders and entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs have inspired Flick to continue to develop new businesses and products. “Steve Jobs blended art and science together and this is what inspired You.i TV. I want people to look at our product and say: ‘Wow, that is a piece of art,’” he elaborates. Flick points out that an entrepreneur must be able to constantly reinvent themselves to continuously provide their customers with an exceptional product.

Although a great leader is a crucial part to a healthy business, Flick understands that it is his team that has led him to success. “I try to take away the blockades and build the right environment to empower them,” he explains. “Having the right people on board with focus and the initiative to succeed is imperative to a business.”

Since joining his first group in 2006, TEC Canada has become a critical piece of Flick’s support network. “If you don’t have people supporting you, it can be hard to succeed.” He realizes that business leaders often think they are looking at the whole picture when they might not be – this is where TEC has helped Flick to succeed. “TEC gave me the right perspective; it pulled me back and made me take a look at the issue I was facing allowing me to realize what wasn’t working.”

As a strong supporter of entrepreneurship, Flick believes that the success of small business will be essential to the Canadian economy in the future. His best piece of business advice is to remain optimistic. “Starting your own business is like a rollercoaster ride,” Flick states. “Being an optimist is critical to being an entrepreneur.”


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