Our Leaders


Todd Millar, President

Todd Millar is no stranger to developing leaders. He spent five years as a TEC Canada Chair, challenging and supporting CEO’s and small business owners to take their personal and professional life to the next level. Todd now brings his fresh ideas and powerful leadership skills to his role as President of TEC Canada. He is committed to working closely with the TEC Canada Chairs across the country to grow our membership base and impact Canadian business leaders.

Todd is an executive coach, author and speaker and brings an impressive 25-year career in senior executive positions in petroleum, telecommunications and advertising industries. He was President of SuperPages Canada, where he played an instrumental part in the most successful private equity transactions in the history of Bain Capital, acquiring SuperPages Canada for $1.9 billion and in less than a year, selling the assets for $2.6 billion. That accomplishment reflects Todd’s ability to assemble the right teams, provide inspirational leadership and create a rewarding environment.

Todd is a life-long learner, volunteer and community member. He expanded his knowledge beyond the boardroom when he climbed to Base Camp of Mount Everest. The life and leadership lessons Todd learned on that journey and throughout his career led him to build the Everest Model: a new way of looking at life, from the top. Previously, he also served as President of the world’s largest hockey association, Hockey Calgary. He has been involved in a number of volunteer organizations, such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Calgary Stampede and the National Adoption Association.


Dr. Lynn Tanner, Founder and Executive Chairman

Introducing the one that started it all—as far as TEC Canada is concerned. With over thirty years of dedication to TEC, Lynn continues to be involved on a daily basis. His lifetime of experience is a huge asset to TEC’s executive team and the Canadian business leaders he mentors. He is a dynamic leader with a breadth of knowledge and years of sweat equity to back it up.

Lynn holds a doctorate in organizational change from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. While pursuing an academic career, he maintained a private Gestalt Therapy practice and founded his own consulting firm. His commitment to bringing academic business theory into practice has always been integral to his professional success.

In 1985, Lynn formed TEC Canada, building it into the country’s most prestigious executive leadership development company. Founding TEC precisely aligned with one of Lynn’s key passions—generative citizenship. His vision for TEC is to help Canadian business leaders leverage their talents and abilities to maximize the growth of their businesses, create profitable enterprises where employees are proud to work, develop next generation products and services and, ultimately, a build more prosperous Canadian society.

Lynn believes that "choosing to be a part of the TEC community is choosing to confront yourself and force yourself to learn, be creative and take initiative."



All great legacies have a strong female influence. Catherine Osler first met Dr. Tanner in 1988 as a young entrepreneur with a rapidly growing business. She quickly became a member of his long-standing TEC group. Over the next fifteen years and with the help of her group, Catherine turned her company into one of Western Canada's leading communications firms, guiding it through a merger, and taking part of it public. "I don't think I would have had the confidence or the insight to do that without a mentor,” she admits.

Catherine’s rich and diverse professional background includes founding two award-winning corporate and investor communication firms, Titian and Parallel Strategies, where she witnessed the power of meaningful conversations and their power to change organizations. Always following her passion for helping women in business realize their full potential, Catherine also co-founded the consultancy firm Syncresse Partners Inc., which focused on the development of female leaders.

Catherine’s entrepreneurial experience and business expertise gave her a first-hand understanding of the needs and difficulties facing TEC members. To fulfill her desire to give back to the next generation of Canadian business leaders, Catherine became a TEC Chair in 2000. She became President of TEC Canada in 2009, CEO in 2014, and now serves as Director of the Board of Advisors providing counsel to the executive team.


Mark Terrill, Director, Board of Advisors

He’s as much a part of the history as the history is part of him. Mark Terrill is the longest-standing member of the original TEC Canada CEO group and has seen and propelled incredible changes over the past 25 years.

Having spent 35-years in the insurance industry, starting and building up three different firms, Mark knows what it’s like to invest sweat equity. He expanded and merged Thompson & Co. with another firm, then began a new business the next day and eventually merged that company with Jones Brown, which he then lead as CEO.

Mark likes to champion others in their development; especially those individuals who helped make his companies successful. He continues his involvement in TEC not only as a Board member but also as a Chair. Mark is committed to the TEC process, “Because I know that it works—it’s woven into every aspect of my business and personal life.



At the height of his career, David Coe was recognized as one of Canada’s top CEOs. He brings more than 40 years of business expertise to his current roles as a TEC Advisory Board Director and TEC Chair. During his 16 years as COO and then CEO of Dairyland/Agrifoods International Co-operative, he grew the business from a two-plant operation to a nationally branded company with plants operating from coast to coast. He is particularly effective assisting organizations undergoing major change.

As a veteran TEC Chair of a CEO group, David leverages his experience to assist members from diverse range businesses, from family concerns to large companies. He describes the value of the TEC experience as being “responsible for the successful growth of the members’ businesses, but also for the personal growth of the members. It enhances their lives and relationships. I’ve been a member of many different organizations over the years, and I have yet to see anything approaching the effectiveness of the TEC experience.”