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"The speakers that we have had present to our group are amongst the best in the world. The value I have gotten out of their sessions compounds daily, as they don't just teach you new ideas but instead teach you new ways to think."

“The challenge in this role sometimes is that you don’t have that ability to ask people (in the organization) about certain topics, I get a lot out of TEC. It’s surprising the similar challenges between completely unrelated businesses.”

“I want to ensure we have alignment within the organization,” he says. “TEC Inside is helping us get there.”

“The Executive Committee provides me with the opportunity to work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.”

"I’m fortunate that through TEC I’ve been exposed to a number of great leaders, and the best leaders ask the best questions. I learn so much from my TEC colleagues as well as the resource speakers who come in to do workshops for our group. "

"My TEC group has people with as many as 1,000 employees or a few as 60; the main thing is that you must be an entrepreneur committed to growing your company. It’s extremely valuable to those that are driven to grow their business."